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Camel Time

July 1, 2014

Typically, I’m not one to do a lot of “tourist” activities.

When visiting a city, I like to see a couple of the main attractions, but I don’t typically like to spend $100 to sit on top of a double-decker bus, only to have a nasally tour guide spit out useless facts.

However, going to Marrakech, I specifically had one tourist trap in mind that I was 100% going to do… and that was to ride camels.

After searching all of the company websites to see the best option, we finally decided to ask the hotel about their recommendation. They hooked us up with Aziz and Said.

Our taxi driver brought us to La Palmerie, which is basically a resort area outside of the new part of Marrakech. It reminded me of Palm Springs [minus the windmills and add in some camels].

After negotiating the price for five minutes, we hopped aboard and Said led the way.




First, I must preface my feelings about large animals.

I am scared of them. 

I’ve never been into horses. I’ve never even had a large dog to somewhat warm me up to the idea of big animals [as evidenced by my bite-sized mini dachshund].

Needless to say, as stoked as I was in theory to ride these goofy creatures, when it came to game time, I was freaking out a bit.

Said put my mind at ease, assuring me that they were nice and wouldn’t bite. I calmed down and started to really have fun.



My camel’s name was Aisha. She had a mind of her own. Aisha seemed to be more interested in getting a snack, than taking me on a joy ride. She stopped at several trees to grab a branch, and kept the branch in her mouth the whole ride.


Dennis’ camel’s head kept getting super close to me, but Said kept assuring me, “It’s ok, it’s ok—she’s nice!”

Fine, Said. I guess I’ll believe you.

He let me take the reigns for a few minutes while he snapped pictures for us.

I confidently steered the crew onward, when suddenly, something latched onto my leg!

I screamed, and turned around expecting to see my leg halfway into a camel’s mouth. What I found was a giggling Said letting go of my leg saying, “I got you good!”

That he did.


I don’t know how anyone can ride these things for more than an hour. It is hard to believe that people ride camels through the desert as a mode of transportation. The boys were dying after about 10 minutes.


After we made our loop around La Palmerie, we got back to the main site and snapped a few last pictures. I posed next to Aisha expecting a nice little shot..

I was wrong. She suddenly whipped her long neck around and honked loudly [I didn’t know camels made that kind of noise]—and tried to take a bite of my face!

Once again, I screamed [this is seeming to become a common occurrence]…

I regained my composure, amidst the nervous sweats and finally posed again one last picture.

And again…



She tried to take off my head.

Some may think I was over exaggerating, but when I looked at the pictures afterward, it is pretty obvious that Aisha was not done with her snack time. Take a look at the sequence below…

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Exhibit C


It seems that my fear of large animals is founded.

Even though I almost got eaten by a camel, this was still my favorite experience from Marrakech.

I may still fear large beasts, but hey, I made it out of this one ok! [barely.]


xo Kelsey



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