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Chocolate Factory

July 8, 2014

I had lots of great inquiries regarding our next destination. Many guessed right…

We are in PARIS! 

We are so pumped to be here, but I have one last post from our last day in Spain. We had a great last few days hanging out in Mijas and going to the jazz festival that was in town.

We went out with a bang in Spain…which included a whole lot of chocolate.

Mayan Monkey may claim to be the world’s smallest chocolate factory, but what they lack in size, they make up for in every other way possible.



First of all—they give you gelato and chocolate bar samples whenever you stop by. Check and mate. I LOVE samples.

Second, they have the most genuinely sweet and enthusiastic staff I have ever met. Talk about passionate about their work… The owner got so pumped telling us about the factory—I swear it was like he was reverting back to every childhood Christmas he had ever had. You can tell that he loves his work and really takes pride in it. It’s pretty refreshing to see someone so excited about their career [but it’s not really fair because he can have all the free chocolate he wants…].

In the midst of being pumped about life, the owner was also super jazzed about his latest invention. Somehow, he rigged up a robot that hangs on the wall that mimics your movements. He used the Kinect video game console to read the body movements and researched online how to wire together this goofy little robot. He said eventually, he will dress the robot up like a monkey.

Part of the fun of visiting the factory is the option to make your own chocolate—and of course we took heed of that ASAP. [Dennis always seems to find the tiniest doors everywhere we go…]


We put on our gloves and hairnets and went after it. My topknot made me look like a cone head with the hairnet, but I embraced it in the name of food safety.


We each got to make three chocolate bars, with the choice of dark, milk or white chocolate. Dark chocolate is another one of my main food groups, so I opted for two dark and one milk bar.

The three different kinds of chocolate each had their own flowing spout. Tara, the sweet girl who helped us make the bars, gave us each a mold that had three outlines for our bars. She helped us hold either side of the mold as we let it fill with chocolate. She would count with us as we held the mold under the fountain of chocolate, “One, two, three!”—the exact formula for the perfect amount of chocolate in each mold.

We had the choice of over 20 different kinds of toppings to add to the chocolate. They had lots of different options from a variety of dried fruit, to chocolate nibs, to caramel pieces. Tara giggled at us as we piled on the toppings.



She asked where we were from and I told her California and Minnesota in the US. She said, “Oh I love the US!” However, she has never been, so I told her she needs to change that. We chatted for a while about how she needs to come visit us, and as we left the factory she waved out the door and said, “See you soon—in California!” I don’t think she knew much about Minnesota, otherwise I’m sure she would meet us there too 🙂


We went back an hour later to pick up the finished chocolates—they were amazing. If you ever go to southern Spain, this place is a must-visit. They may be the world’s smallest chocolate factory, but they sure are doing things right!




We had an awesome last few days in Spain. We are so excited to now be on the road, with many more adventures to come!

Hasta luego!

xo Kelsey


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