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Four Years

June 20, 2014

Yesterday marks our four-year anniversary! Dennis and I met in college at Vanguard when we were on the basketball teams. We were good friends and ended up dating my sophomore year [his junior year]. Eight months later, we were engaged, and a year after that we tied the knot.

I honestly can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

We’ve been through some really tough stuff over the last few years from when we were dating until now, but we have absolutely grown because of it. We got married so young, that we have been able to “grow up together” in a sense.

Yesterday was fun, because we talked a lot about all of the great things that have happened over these years as well. We have developed incredible friendships, got a super awesome puppy, and are now on this crazy adventure…among lots of other blessings!

So, now we are here in Spain and we had an awesome day just hanging out. Lots of coffee, walks, food and chocolate pretty much sums it up [I know that sounds like every day of my life, but this was EXTRA awesome].

Anniversary 14


This coffee and chocolate is from Mayan Monkey. It is considered the “world’s smallest chocolate factory.” They serve coffee, tea, gelato and assorted chocolates. The staff is incredibly friendly and always give me a million free samples. They have a little chocolate fountain and they dip all of my samples in chocolate–seriously, what could be better?!



Anniversary 12

Anniversary 16


Dennis will only sometimes pose for the camera…


And these ladies were lovin’ it.

Anniversary 10

We walked around Mijas, enjoying all of the views. There are several different bridges and outlook points throughout the city, guaranteeing a million-dollar view anywhere you go!

Anniversary8 copy

Anniversary 13 copy


Anniversary 9

Anniversary 11 copy

Anniversary 17


For dinner, we went to a restaurant we had never been to. The staff is super friendly, and when they found out it was our anniversary, they brought out free tapas. The cook even came out to shake Dennis’ hand and give me a kiss on both cheeks.

The tapas were INCREDIBLE. I have never had better cheese in my life–it was covered in spices and came with a strawberry sauce on the side, that was unique, yet surprisingly delicious. The traditional Spanish tortilla was like nothing I had ever had before. It was puffy bread filled with cheese, potatoes, onion and egg.

Anniversary 21

Dennis and I were super confused at first when they brought out this gigantic plate of raw meat. We had ordered steak–we pointed to the ones we wanted to make sure we didn’t screw it up–and then they brought this out. We went with the flow, and they brought out a hot stone for us to cook the meat ourselves. It came with a seasoned butter and sea salt flakes. There was literally enough meat for three days, but we dominated it all–proving our American-ness. God bless America.
Anniversary 20

They even brought out a free brownie and ice cream dessert for us. The waitress went to a potted plant behind our table and picked the fresh mint to go on top. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.
Anniversary 18

We had such a relaxing day, which is exactly what we both wanted after a crazy week of Dennis’ big business launch. The launch is in it’s last few days, which is nice to have that big project checked off. With that winding down, we are hoping to be able to dive into our travel experience more now that we have better bearings on what the heck we are doing.

We are feeling so thankful for each experience we have had in our first four years being married. We know that there are inevitably both good and tough times ahead, but we are looking forward to what is in store.

Anniversary 15

We have some fun things coming up in this next week! Our first big adventure since we have been here will be coming soon…

Anniversary 22

xo Kelsey


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