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Fuengirola Beach

July 2, 2014

Fuengirola is a coastal town about a 10 minute bus ride from Mijas. It is a bit bigger than Mijas, and is a melting pot of tourists, as well as an interesting mix of locals.

The beach is absolutely gorgeous, however, I came to a startling realization upon arrival.


It’s a topless beach.


I’m all about experiencing the culture, or whatever, but that’s pushing it.

Coming from a conservative background [where two-piece swimsuits were banned at summer camp], I wasn’t quite expecting such a nonchalant approach to swimwear [or lack thereof].

In addition to a lack of tops, speedos are all the rage.

This–I could have predicted, but it’s still funny when you get photobombed by a dude workin’ his itsy bitsy swim trunks.



Getting ready to leave, we were washing our feet off at a water station next to a middle-aged couple.

The husband asked, “Are you from America?”

We looked at each other and then quizzically replied, “Uh…yeah!”

At that reply, he gave us a smirk, as well as a thumbs down and said, “Boo, America!”

Not quite sure if he was joking, we laughed, and played along.

He said, “We just got back from a holiday to America. We were supposed to be there for one month, but we left after nine days and went to Canada.”

He followed by complaining about the food and public transportation in Texas.

Then he said, “America is only good for two things. Wars and the Olympics.”

Oooook, buddy.

Sure, the US has flaws, but his statement was…rather strong.

This was our first official brush with people who really didn’t like the US. We figured it would happen eventually.

They ended up being more playful about it than we had originally detected, which made light of a potentially super awkward conversation.

We bantered back and forth for a few minutes, and they ended up being pretty cool people. They gave us a bunch of recommendations for local restaurants and other places that we needed to explore.



All that to say, the beach in Fuengirola is quite an interesting place…from fashion statements to verbal statements… We had quite the day!

xo Kelsey

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