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Guinness Academy

August 16, 2014

Dennis and I ventured to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin [the originator of all things Guinness].

To those of you who know us, going there is quite an oxymoron.

Dennis and I are not beer people–at all…but we had enough people recommend it to us that we thought we should give it a whirl.

[I asked Dennis to give me his “super stoked” face…and this is what I got.]


It is actually a super impressive museum and we had a ton of fun! It basically walks you through the whole history and process of how Guinness is made, and it is all really well done.


Arthur Guinness was the man who started it all, and when he leased that building back in the day, he signed a 9,000-year lease. One would say he simply bought the building, but putting it in the language of a 9,000-year lease is making a statement.

That’s quite the confident move if you ask me! Pretty inspiring actually… Starting a brand new business venture and knowing that it is going to be around forever—I like that.

The 7-story building takes you through the process of choosing the ingredients, roasting, fermenting and all of that stuff, to how things used to be done and how they are done now. There are video loops that play every minute or two to tell you about each process—but they aren’t just normal video loops…they are creatively done, like a life-sized hologram type of thing and a video of an actor portraying one of the founders through what looks like a historical picture frame.

The whole museum is cool because it is modern, yet it really shows the history well. There is a floor that is dedicated completely to the history of the advertising. It’s funny to think that it’s current, sleek black and gold branding once started with a colorful toucan cartoon as a mascot.

There is a room where they let off a sort of fog that has the scents of the different ingredients and another room where they teach you the proper way to taste the beer.



We also had a chance to learn how to “pour the perfect pint.” We did alright when we had our chance to pour, simply because we listened to directions… There were a couple of situations where some may not have listened as well, as evidenced by letting the nozzle steep in the foam as it overflowed—everywhere.

Dennis is just a natural athlete, so of course he dominated it 🙂



Regardless of spills and overflows, we all “graduated” from the Guinness Academy and even got to take a graduation photo.

It was a pleasure being a part of the Guinness Academy Graduating Class of 4:30 pm. I love and appreciate all my classmates, and all the time we spent together…all 15 minutes of it. 😉 [Camera is up here folks!]



Feeling pretty accomplished, we went up to the top level where there is a 360-degree panoramic view of all of Dublin.

It was WAY too packed with people to stay up there for more than five minutes, but it was pretty amazing to see the entire city from that view!


Even though Dennis and I would much prefer an espresso to a brewski, it was super fun. I even learned a thing or two—and have the grad photo to prove it 🙂guiness2
xo Kelsey

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