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Hidden Talents

July 22, 2014

Hello! I am writing to you from Florence, Italy.

Italy is incredibly beautiful and the food is DELISH [definitely not middle school cafeteria “Italian Dunkers.” Remember those?! I can’t lie though, I did get hot lunch whenever the school had them…].

We have had a great time exploring this city, because we have had some incredible recommendations from friends who have been here previously.

Gelato, pasta, coffee, markets…the whole shebang [below: Grom gelato–chocolate chip & biscotti. Heaven. Thank you, @kmaenglund].


My favorite part so far has been just wandering around the narrow cobblestone streets, soaking it all in.

It has been scorchingly hot, so the weather is perfect as soon as the sun goes down.

The city is my favorite at dusk–there is something different here in how the sunset leaks through the cracks of the alleys, and lights the walkways perfectly–you feel like you’re on the set of a movie. Walking along the river is indescribable, standing in awe of the beautiful city and watercolored sky.


There is a bridge in Florence called Ponte Vecchio. This bridge was originally built way back in Roman times, and was re-built in the 1300s. This is the only bridge that the Germans did not destroy in World War II, and apparently, Hitler was the person who ordered it to not be destroyed.

The history of this region is so fascinating.  It’s a beautiful bridge and a landmark for the city. It’s incredible that it has been around for so many years.

On the bridge, there are only jewelry merchants. I guess, a previous queen was obsessed with jewels and ordered that only jewelry be sold on the bridge, and nothing else…and it holds true to this day!


In lots of cities thus far, we have seen street performers. Most of them are actually pretty impressive, and always surprising with what crazy tricks they can do.

On a little narrow street near the Ponte Vecchio, Dennis and heard some opera music coming nearer as we walked. We approached a small crowd and realized the music was coming from in front of the crowd.

I had to do a double-take when I saw where the music was coming from. A little man was sitting on a stool, playing the accordion, and a young woman who was singing–and I mean singing.

Honestly–listen to this woman’s pipes!

I’m most definitely not trained as an opera singer [high school choir counts for something though, right?] but she sounded very well trained.

It was one of those moments where I was thinking, “Holy moly…that was unexpected–and it is awesome!”

Have you ever had one of those experiences?

It’s like the moment when the world fell in love with Susan Boyle, or this little tiny girl who sounds like Amy Winehouse or basically any of The Ellen Show’s hidden talent segments–seriously inspiring! [check these out here and here!]. Or even that time when I found out my husband was a yo-yo master.

I love when things like this happen [it also makes me want to have a super cool hidden talent…I better start working on that].


Overall, Florence has been awesome, beautiful and full of hidden talents!

I can see why everyone who has been here has said that they love it, and it turn have had so many amazing recommendations. We head out of Florence tomorrow, even though I could easily spend the rest of our time here. I guess I’ll need to get one last Grom on our way out!



xo Kelsey

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