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August 10, 2014

Hello from Dublin!

I’ve never seen so many [natural] redheads in my life.

Whenever I hear someone speak, I can’t help but get flashbacks of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Luck of the Irish [90s/00s kids–I know you remember that one].

Denny and I have had a good day of exploring the downtown of Dublin. We wandered onto the campus of Trinity College and ended up in the Science Gallery.

The gallery seemed to be a display of student projects–some of which were very impressive!

There was a globe that displayed global climate over the course of a hundred years in both the optimistic and pessimistic points of view, a giant vacuum/fan that held a droplet of water in mid-air, and a set of flowers that were made by a 3D printer, among other things.






It was really interesting to walk around the campus imagining what it would be like to attend school in a foreign country like this. California felt like a foreign country to me at first coming from suburbia Minnesota! But this is a whole new level.

However, as different as each place in the world has been, there are times when I get glimpses of how similar it is at the same time.

Watching college kids goofing off walking to class, going to the gym, and riding the bus are the same here as they are there…college kids.

They may be more red-headed, but most likely, they aren’t leprechauns…or some other intangible thing.

College is college, no matter where you go, and¬†it was fun to be on a campus again and around that kind of energy–and even learn some science in the process!


xo Kelsey

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