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Making a Switch: Backpacking!

July 7, 2014

When Dennis and I first decided to go on this adventure, we had no idea what to expect. We knew we wanted to have an adventure and to see the world. We didn’t know how long we wanted to go for, or even all of the places that we wanted to see. All we knew was that there’s a big world out there and we wanted to see some of it.

We chose to get an apartment in Spain, because that would give us a sense of “being settled” while being on the go. We wanted to have this as a launching point and do small trips to other countries and round-trip it back to Spain after each trip.

It was a good plan, but we have run into some barriers. We have had a heck of a time trying to get internet access in our apartment. It wouldn’t be a big deal to go to cafes for internet, but since Mijas is such a small town, the access at the cafes and even friend’s houses is a challenge as far as connection speed [for example–Dennis needs to upload videos frequently for his business, but hasn’t been able to at all]. Not to mention that the cafes don’t open until 10 am, which makes it challenging to be productive in the morning.

It’s a beautiful and perfect little town, but it’s challenging to do your job without the proper tools.

Additionally, we have 90-days in the European Union countries before we would get in trouble for being here, or would need figure out how to get visas. Since we have some weddings this fall, we know that we need to go back to the US in the late summer—so 90 days ends up being perfect timing.

Because of these two things, we are now realizing that we want to get a taste of more countries before we head back to the US.

We have decided to switch gears from having a home base, to backpacking around Europe for the rest of the summer!


It’s a pretty big switch from our original plan, but as I mentioned previously, we weren’t exactly sure how we wanted to do things when we first made this leap. We had never done anything like this before. So, we made a choice, and are just making some adjustments according to circumstances.

Personally, I’m super pumped. We are left today for our next destination. Currently, we are thinking of staying between 1-2 weeks in a few different countries until late August.

Backpacking is going to be difficult for Dennis and I, who thrive in routine, but this is going to be a good challenge for us. We want to make the most of every moment we have across the pond.

We want this to be a time of growth for us as individuals and as a couple—spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We will be way out of our comfort zones, but what the heck… Why not.

Spain was incredibly beautiful, but we are excited to have a taste of even more countries and cities.

So… Now we are have just arrived at our next destination. I can’t lie—this is one of the places I have always wanted to go to. Can you guess where it is??

I’ve been visualizing it ever since Dennis and I bought a giant IKEA stock photo of this iconic location four years ago [a real dime piece of original art]. That may give you a hint since there are only so many generic scenery pics at IKEA 😉

Whether or not you can guess where we are going, you will find out soon!

xo Kelsey

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