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My Packing Nightmare…

May 22, 2014

I have never been good at packing. I always bring way too much, and never the right things. Somehow, I ceaselessly end up bringing too many nice clothes, when we end up just lounging in wanna-be yogi gear, or only running shoes when I need my fancy-pants heels. I am determined to pack well for Spain.

Dennis is amazing and brilliant. However, he wants me [yes me] to only bring a carry-on for our excursion [insert panic button]. He is completely serious, and when he gets something like this in his brain, he means it… AKA my total nightmare. Only taking a carry on is absolutely no issue for Dennis, who has traveled all over the U.S. with only his Vanguard Basketball backpack for the last four years. I, on the other hand, find that rather challenging [some may call it insane].

Insanity or not, I want to pack semi-lightly. The truth is, if I really need it and I can’t get it in Spain, something named the Internet will meet me where I’m at.

Obviously, I vetoed Dennis’ “carry-on only” suggestion, so I’m hoping I can fit all of the following in one checked bag and then bring a backpack and purse on the plane.

Here’s the list I have so far [as pictured from top left to right]


  • 2 pairs of jeans (blue and black)
  • 1 running pullover long-sleeve
  • 1 light rain jacket
  • 2 pairs of yoga pants
  • 3 pairs of running shorts
  • 1 swimsuit top
  • 3 swimsuit bottoms
  • 1 leather jacket
  • 2 cardigans (black and army green)
  • 2 button-up shirts (chambray and plaid)
  • 3 nicer tops (black, white, lace)
  • 1 dress
  • 7 casual t-shirts
  • 10 tank tops
  • 3 pairs of shorts (black, jeans, black jeans)
  • 2 skirts
  • 1 black jumpsuit
  • Undergarments


Curating the right items to bring took me several months. It’s going to be the hot summer when we arrive in Spain, so that makes packing light a bit easier. However, I wanted to prepare a bit for some seasonal transition pieces as well [hence the cardigans and jacket].

For the last few months, I have tried to only curate neutrals–mostly black, white and grey, so that everything will somewhat coordinate. It’s helpful that we are starting out in the summer, so naturally, we won’t have as bulky of items. I’m going to buy shampoo and all that good stuff once we get there, which also helps lighten the load.


  • Flip flops
  • Sandals
  • Flats
  • Running shoes
  • Ankle Boots


Ankle Boots: Steve Madden–similar here, Sandals: Seychelles, White Tennies: Vans, Black Tennies: Nike Free 5.0–similar here, Flats: Mossimo, Flip Flops: Havianas 

Accessories, etc.

  • 1 watch
  • 2 pairs of earrings
  • 2 cuff bracelets
  • 4 necklaces
  • Perfume


Earrings: Kate Spade–similar here and here, Perfume: Chance by Chanel , Watch: Betsey Johnson–similar here and here


 Earrings: Nordstrom–similar here, here and here, Cuff: Madewell


 Cuff: Madewell, Necklace: eBay!–similar here. My inspiration was to find a replica of this Tiffany beauty.


 Necklace: Target–similar here and here


 Bar Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Map Necklace: Cliche–similar here
[This map necklace was given to me by my dear friend, Aly to remind me of home 🙂 ]


  • Straightener
  • Curling wand
  • Travel size hair dryer
  • Contacts [for the year]
  • Glasses
  • Makeup
  • Toothbrush


  • MacBook Air
  • HTC One phone
  • iPad
  • Ear buds

Dennis will probably make a game-time decision and pack the night before we leave. I would record what he is bringing, but then he would probably just take a selfie, send it to me and say, “There you go–that’s what I’m bringing.” […the clothes on his back…] I guess that’s why there’s two of us–some balance in the madness.

xo Kelsey

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