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January 25, 2014

“If we wait until we are ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”

-Lemony Snicket

Since I was little, I was told to dream BIG and make goals toward those dreams. I was told I could do anything I set my heart and mind on doing. Even though I have gotten knocked down my fair share of times, I’ve always had this inherent belief that dreams are instilled in our minds to be fulfilled.

Dreams are meant to come true.

My husband, Dennis and I are in this strange phase of life, where everyone our age is starting to branch out on completely different paths. Some friends are in college, enjoying late hours and black ops, while others are married,  having babies and buying houses–and then there’s everything in-between.  Everyone is on their own unique track with their own goals and dreams. They are all beautiful, and they are all very different. We are in the in-between phase where we have had careers for a couple of years, but aren’t ready to settle down.

Being in this phase, Dennis and I have had many conversations about next steps and future plans…

On a perfect, summer day in May 2013, we were walking our puppy, Lily to the park. She loves to get off the leash and run around on the field like mad woman.

lily park 1

While Lily was off frolicking, we started talking about the future–I was 24 and Dennis was 25, we had been married for three years, and were already frustrated with the routines of daily life.  Get up for work Monday through Friday–always too busy, but trying to make a difference in the world–followed by low-key weekends of Netflix and friend gatherings. Routine is wonderful, in fact, I thrive in it, but we were beginning to feel trapped within the constraints of the “American Dream.”

On the walk, we started day-dreaming about if we had nothing tying us down what we would do. We landed on a dream that we haven’t been able to get out of our our minds since.

Before we settle down, we want to be nomads.

We want to see the beautiful world God created while we are young and don’t have any real responsibility. So, what does being a nomad look like for us?

Well, what we have landed on is that we will find a “home base” overseas, where we will rent a cheap apartment, and then go on excursions from there. Europe, Asia, South America… We want to go everywhere. We want to read novels on a porch, overlooking the coast of Spain… Sip espresso at a cafe on a rainy day in Paris… Learn to make sushi rolls in Japan… And so on.

How will we EVER do this?

This obviously seems utterly ridiculous and completely unrealistic. The funny thing is… It’s not. Today, more than ever, it is possible to accomplish a dream like this. The question is–how? We decided we wanted to own an online business, or work remotely, so that we can travel the world. Now, this may seem like a pretty cliche dream, but we are 100% serious. A lot of people want to travel, but are trapped within the confines of their 14 vacation days a year.

Dennis had started a blog a few months before our walk in the park with Lily. He knew that people made money online selling self-made fitness products. I didn’t really understand the concept of making money online, so told he about the potential of what an online business could do. He explained how it takes a little while to build up clientele, but once you do, the power of info-marketing online is insane.

This really got us thinking… If Dennis was able to build up a clientele and customer base somehow from his info-marketing, we could be in business to accomplish our dream of traveling. We know how to live a simple life, and just need to have a certain amount in the bank, and a decent predictable stream of money coming in, in order to make this possible.

Over Christmas time 2013, we decided that we were on pace to really make this dream happen. We had a bare-bones plan of action, so it was crunch time to start mapping it out. Through prayer, research, and connections we decided where we would go.

We will be packing up our lives in Minnesota and heading to Mijas, Spain on May 29, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.38.41 PM

Mijas is a small, seaside village on the southern coast of Spain. The buildings are all painted white, and built into the mountains overlooking the Mediterranean. On clear days, you can see the coast of Morocco, Africa on the horizon. Mijas is a vacation destination in the summer, attracting people from all over the world.

We are very excited about the next chapter. There will inevitably be challenges along the way, but we are ready to face them head on in pursuit of discovering new passions, growing deeper in faith and relationships, and of course in seeing the world! Our dream is coming true!

Join us in this adventure. I am going to document all of the planning along the way, and the adventures in the process! 

xo Kelsey

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

-C. S. Lewis




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