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People Watching

August 3, 2014

There is something fun about sitting on a bench and watching people go by. Dennis and I went to Regent’s Park to just walk around and people watch.

The park itself is huge and absolutely beautiful. There is an “outer circle” andย “inner circle” that offer a variety in scenery such as rose gardens, water canals, paddle boats, canopies of trees, an open air theater, and even big soccer [or ultimate frisbee] fields.




There were lots of families present, with their little ones flying by us on three-wheeled scooters [almost a couple of hardcore crashes by this one fearless little girl in the denim bloomers and floral top].

There were also lots of elderly people going on walks and just enjoying the outdoors.

It was really fun just to observe and wonder what all of their lives were like.

There was an old man sleeping on a bench and he just looked so sweet I wanted to take a picture.

Dennis pinched me and said, “Be a little more subtle!”

From the looks of how the picture turned out, I think don’t think he noticed me at all… ๐Ÿ™‚






I would definitely come here a lot if I lived in London. It was a really nice area of town and was just all around beautiful. I would plan better next time to try and see a show at the Open Air Theater! It looked pretty great. Even without that though, our show of watching the people go by was good enough for me ๐Ÿ™‚

xo Kelsey


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