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Perspective from a No Good Day

July 30, 2014

It was just one of those days…

Nothing really went “right.” I wrote for over an hour complaining about all of my frustrations from today and then just deleted it.

It was a really excellent rant if I do say so myself, but I would rather just summarize briefly and then throw it out the window.

The gist of it was a mix of #backpackerproblems, such as horrible smelling clothes and endless directional challenges [because of always being somewhere unfamiliar].

…Then I accidentally annihilated my phone screen into a million pieces in the Germany airport…

…Then the big finale of getting my phone stolen/lost/evaporated when we landed in the next airport.

How I managed to both break and lose my phone in the same day…I couldn’t tell ya.


Frustrating and annoying day, but there are a lot worse things that could have happened for sure.

There was one simple part though that was really great. 

We hopped aboard a bus this morning to get us to Dusseldorf, Germany where our flight was taking off.

I was absolutely not feeling up to a four and a half hour bus ride in the mood I was in, especially because I often start feeling very carsick on big busses.

I can’t read for more than 10 minutes or the queasiness sets in. I’m also a very light sleeper, so it’s tough for me to fall asleep on busses and planes.

I watched a little bit of Sherlock Holmes with Dennis before I decided to just put on my headphones and listen to some music on my phone [this was earlier today, pre-phone breakage and loss].

I had a total of 10 songs on my phone because I switched away from Apple, so none of my iTunes transferred. Therefore, I had one single playlist on my phone.

It was a mish-mash of worship songs that I love—mostly older songs, but I still like them 🙂

For about three and a half hours [no, I’m not kidding], I looped through these ten songs over and over and over again.

And here they are…

  1. You Have Me—Gungor
  2. His Eye is on the Sparrow—Lauryn Hill & Tanya Blount
  3. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus—Jadon Lavik [my pops-in-law sent me another wonderful version by Hillsong earlier this week too!]
  4. Hymn—Brooke Fraser

And then a whole mess of Hillsong 🙂

  1. Oceans
  2. Lord of Lords
  3. Anchor
  4. God is Able
  5. Forever Reign
  6. Cornerstone

I repeated the first two songs about a million times and the rest just a half million times.

You Have Me has been my jam this entire trip. I listen to it almost daily. It just gets me pumped and centered for the day.

His Eye is on the Sparrow has been my jam since I was 5 years old.

Obviously, it’s a very old hymn, but this version by Lauryn Hill is from Sister Act II!

Anyone remember that movie?!

Rotten Tomatoes only gave it 1 out of 5 stars…but this was one of my favorite movies as a kid!

It brings back many great childhood memories, of awful 90s fashion trends and my prized VHS tape of the movie—mostly because I wanted to listen to this song all the time [obviously this was pre-YouTube].

It was definitely one of my favorites as a kid and the movie made me fall in love with this song.

Lauryn and Tanya just have unbelievable voices. Seriously…incredible.

When you just close your eyes and meditate on the words of this song listening to them belt it out with all of their hearts, you can’t help but be washed over with a sense of calm and inexplicable peace.

It’s crazy to think that I didn’t want the bus ride to end, because I was getting to watch the gorgeous German countryside whisk by and I just kept getting more and more peaceful as I listened to these songs.

Listening to it on repeat today was just what I needed to remind me that my problems really are not a big deal.

Am I inconvenienced by this day? Yep, sure am.

But is it truly a big deal? Nope, not at all.

Do you have any songs that bring you to that kind of place?

For some people it’s getting fired up for a big game through certain playlists, or certain types of instrumental music to get you into work mode, or a certain tune that just makes you feel happy [perhaps Pharrell helped us all with that one…].

Overall, a few stinky things happened today, but I have a bit more perspective now sitting here in bed at the end of the day than I did a few hours ago when I was seething at how “horrible every part of my day had been.”

[I also got to talk chat with my mom which always helps 🙂 ]

It wouldn’t be “traveling” without some hiccups, right?! All is still well in the world!

Now…bedtime 🙂

xo Kelsey



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