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July 21, 2014

On our last night in Paris, we stayed at a different AirBnB spot. All of the other times we have rented AirBnB places, we have rented a whole apartment [without the owner living there], so that we could have free reign to use the kitchen and all that good stuff [which has really helped us save a lot of money by cooking in for the majority of our meals!].

However, this time, we rented only a private room within someone’s apartment. I can’t lie it was kind of a weird feeling at first to stay at a complete stranger’s house.

I know, I know, there’s always “stranger danger,” but if anyone tries to mess with Dennis, I will surely take them down.

The girl who owned the place ended up being super sweet and was really helpful with telling us local places to eat and told us to check out the canal that was just down the street.

When we left the apartment. we were super hungry, and ended up getting¬†tacos, with a final course of gyros [quite the combo of ethnic foods we have going on here…when in France, try all foods from countries besides the one you’re in…that’s a thing, right?].

After the smorgesbord, we tried to find the canal that she said was super pretty to walk along at night.

Dennis said, “I see a bunch of people walking this way [pointing to the left] so left and forward we walked.

We went behind a building and ran into the canal!

What came next took us by surprise.

There were movie theaters on both sides of the Seine river [yes, both], with food trucks lined up right outside the theater doors.

Our friend Dusty back in Minnesota loves food trucks, and we knew he would be in heaven!


We kept walking and the edge of the river was completely packed with 20 and 30-somethings all just hanging out.


As we walked, we saw that they all had blankets laid out with picnic baskets full of cheese, baguettes, homemade salads and wine. They just chatted with their friends enjoying the sunset on this beautiful [WEDNESDAY] night.

[Sorry for how shaky the video is…I was trying to be inconspicuous. Instead it is probably making you seasick.]

On the other half of the sidewalk, there was a patch of grass where there were dozens of sets of bocce ball games. That part of the sidewalk was just as packed as the picnicking side! There were also some slack-liners, who were rather impressive. I don’t have much sense of balance, so it’s amazing to me that people can bounce up and down on a tight rope and stay on it [without breaking a limb].

There was a sort of hipster marching band that played as we walked by. They played “Creep” by Radiohead and I knew that this place had something special about it [I didn’t capture them playing Radiohead, but I did capture this high-school-marching-band-sounding anthem].

This was one of our favorite parts of Paris. It made us feel like we were really getting to experience the Parisian lifestyle.

It also made me want to have a whole lot more picnics. I am still baffled that it was a Wednesday, and it was packed.

It was kind of inspiring. I will always love just hanging out and going to bed early, but it did make me want to be more active in spending time being with friends and fam [even if its a busy week and a Wednesday night].

So…who wants to have a picnic!?


xo Kelsey

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