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August 15, 2014

I never thought I would think Riverdance was cool—but it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen.

We definitely were in the nosebleeds, but it was still incredible.

It started with only one guy on the stage guy playing some sort of recorder with a giant moon projection in the background. I was thinking to myself, “Ha—ok… This is going to be interesting…”


A young girl in a traditional Celtic long dress walked out on stage and the first note she sang was so screaming high I have no clue how she hit it at all, let alone in perfect pitch. She didn’t have a booming, powerful type of voice—it was soft and clear as a bell—angelic almost. It was like sitting in a dream sequence.

The whole show just kept surprising us. From the traditional Irish dance, to the singing, music and fun tastes of other types of dance—the show never got boring!

There was a “chorus” of sorts [not sure what they call it in the dance world] that consisted of about 10 dancers that did the majority of the show. There were also a couple of smaller groups that did some featured sets and a guy and girl that had a bunch of solos [they were insanely amazing].

There were four main instruments that were highlighted throughout the show, including the recorder type of instrument, various percussion instruments, violin and the tenor sax.

I honestly don’t know how to describe it… The dancing, singing and music were just so breathtaking. There were a bunch of “battles” between sets of dancers and this one group of guys knocked it out of the park.

There were about 8 of them, and they battled between them trying to show each other up.  I have no clue how their feet move that fast. Everything was in perfect sync.

It was so funny because when they first started their set, I thought to myself, “Wow this is so cool—it’s a lot like Stomp!” Well…uh… I’m pretty sure Irish dancing came first 😉 [Stomp is still pretty baller too though J ]

There wasn’t much of a storyline [that we caught on to anyway!], but we were both captivated the whole time. They did an amazing job of weaving in the different types of dances, instrumental interludes and a capella singing segments. There were times I felt [like I mentioned] in a dream sequence, other times I was groovin with the sax and other times I was just in complete awe.

All I know is, I should have taken Riverdance lessons back in the day when I was a sprinter [their calves were huge!]. They are all just incredibly athletic.

It was also really fun because they are obviously “in character” to an extent, but you could tell they were all having a ton of fun and would occasionally break a huge grin.

Overall, it was just a wonderful time, and so surreal to think that we saw this amazing show in the city where it originated. We definitely felt engulfed in the local culture!

xo Kelsey


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