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Tea with the Queen

August 5, 2014

Buckingham Palace is quite a lovely estate [perhaps that’s an understatement]. Golden royal crests seal the gates of the palace, so there is no mistaking that this is a place for royalty.



The different forms of government around the world are fascinating, and it is really interesting to see a glimpse of it in action. We didn’t see the changing of the guards, but we got to see some of the guards marching around in their very uncomfortable looking uniforms.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have that job. 99.999% of the time you have to stand there being emotionless, stoic and robotic–remaining in the poised position of the Buckingham Palace guard. Everyday the same routine, the same marches, standing at the same post watching thousands of tourists just trying to snap that epic selfie.

It would be so insane though because it probably seems really boring and monotonous, but they have to be on edge all the time…They have to be ready for anything–and there are lots of crazies out there. It would be so interesting to talk to a guard and see what it is actually like, because as robotic as they seem, they are just young guys doing their job!


So, my title may be a bit misleading, as I didn’t actually have tea with the Queen [shocker, I know], but it sure is cool to think about what it would be like to get that personal invitation to Buckingham Palace.

I would have to get some advice from Princess Kate before meeting the Queen… I mean, what do you do? Do you shake her hand? Curtsey? Bow? Kiss her hand? Play a harp? Break dance? I honestly have no idea.

I also should probably Google which fork to use when eating the biscuits with my tea.

I guess I have a big learning curve before I get a royal invitation.

For now, hanging out on the outside was pretty cool too 🙂

xo Kelsey



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