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The Other OC

June 4, 2014

Sorry there has been such a gap in posts–it has been quite a whirlwind! I have a few queued up, so they will likely be coming up shortly. Now…the post 🙂


Everyone who was a teen in the early 2000’s knows of the show The OC. Since 6th grade, I had wanted to go to California for college, and TV shows like that sparked a newfound “cool factor” with Orange County. I’m not going to lie, “California” by Phantom Planet was the ringtone on my flip phone for several years. I adamantly made my mom blast the song in our rental car as we drove down the 101 freeway on one of my basketball recruiting trips—dream. come. true. 🙂

Well, I did end up going to college in Orange County—with all of it’s glitz, glam, surfers and In-n-Out—and it was awesome.

Little did I know, on the flip side of the country there’s a hidden gem that I didn’t know existed until about 8 months ago… This is, The Other OC—Ocean City, New Jersey.

photo 2

Now, you may giggle at that idea because of the recent bad rep that Jersey has gotten thanks to Snookie and the Situation—but have no fear. You aren’t required to wear Ed Hardy when you come to Ocean City. In fact, I may suggest lobbying to ban it across the city [my own personal opinion.]

Truly, Ocean City is a small, family-friendly island off the coast of South Jersey. With a boardwalk of ferris wheels, restaurants and shops, it’s a great place for a family getaway. Six months ago, my dad took a job as President/CEO of Ocean City Tabernacle. The Tab is a Christian organization that has several facets to the work. There are services on Sundays during the summer where different speakers come from all over the world to preach, there is a youth center, where youth groups can come for retreats, an after school program for local students, a pre-school, two movie theaters that show all the current films, as well as live shows, and lots more.



It is an amazing organization, and I’m so happy that my dad is getting to use his creativity. One of the projects he has been writing a musical about the history of Ocean City—I’ve heard some of the music that he, Bob Stromberg and Mike Donley have been writing—it’s incredible. Some of the songs are hilariously witty, some are so breathtakingly beautiful that you want to cry—and everything in between. I can’t wait to see the show!



We had so much fun spending time with my mom and dad. They are wonderful, talented, fun, generous, delightful and so much more. I am so blessed to call them my parents! They are watching our pride and joy, our little monster, Lily, while we are gone. She loves them dearly already 🙂

As much as I love the original OC, I must say, I have to add this one to my list of favorites.







IMG_0018 2














xo Kelsey

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