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July 31, 2014

Before our flight took off yesterday, we stopped at a coffee shop in Dusseldorf named Toykio.

Dennis has become a master at finding the best local coffee shops, and this one was definitely a winner.

It has this urban/Japanese influence that made it super unique. They played old school R&B music and it was decorated in a sort of anime-esque vibe.

There was a shelf that lined the ceiling that was lined up with child-sized bunny-robots, and they sold anime-style Star Wars figurines…definitely not your average coffee shop.

The coffee was amazing—Dennis had espresso and I had a cortado. Perfectly dark roasted and delicious!

They sold frozen yogurt, amazing looking pastries and brightly colored macarons. The macarons looked incredible, but they were 2 euros per cookie [that’s nearly $3!].

Downstairs was an art gallery, where a lot of American and British artists display their work.

When we went yesterday, there was a series of photographs splashed all over the walls. All of the photos were of 80s rap and R&B groups. Each photo had the group’s name written on it in sharpie and the year of the photo.

I took pics of Run DMC circa 1988 [my birth year] and Flava Flav circa 1987 [Dennis’ birth year].

They were pretty awesome pics—the classic boy band pose for Run DMC and the famous grill flash from Flava Flav [unfortunately the photos were on my phone which is now who-knows-where…so you will have to imagine them in your mind 🙂 ]

It was such a unique place, I had to give it it’s own post. If at some point in my life I ever make my way back to Dusseldorf [or as I kept calling it “Dumbledor”], I will most definitely be going back to sip a cortado and hang out with some bunny-robots.

xo Kelsey

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