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24 Hours in Copenhagen

April 30, 2015

Copenhagen is a quaint city that is full of character. It is full of friendly people, amazing architecture and beautiful plants and flowers. You won’t walk a block without seeing 10 people on bikes pleasantly riding to their next destination. It is seemingly very common to bike to work, and you will see packs of people leisurely riding in a dedicated bike lane. There didn’t seem to be much car traffic, but the bike congestion was out of this world. People didn’t seem to mind though. Rain, shine or bumper to bumper, these people seemed pretty happy and care-free strolling away on their bicycles!

We got to see a good amount of the city in the time we were there, but there is always more to see and do–no matter how much time you spend somewhere! So, if you are going to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen, here are a few top sights to see.

1) University of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens

This is quite an impressive campus! The gardens contain more than 13,000 unique species of plants. The oldest tree dates back to 1806! There are 27 glass houses that vary the species that they carry. You can feel the difference in humidity between each house, indicating the different type of plant life. There are white spiral staircases that allow you to get a birds eye view of the glass house… Super pretty!

copenhagen botanical 3

copenhagen botanical 2

copenhagen botanical 1

 2) The Little Mermaid

[Insert Disney tune ‘Under the Sea’…] Though This statue was inspired by the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson and is one of the most photographed statues in the world. It has faced vandalism and scandal, several times, including being decapitated twice. It is worth seeing, and nearby are several parks full of cherry blossom trees that are perfect for a picnic.

copenhagen little mermaid

copenhagen cherry blossom

 3) Nyhavn

You know all of those colorful houses that you see on Pinterest? These are the buildings in Nyhavn. The buildings line either side of the canal and are filled with great shops and restaurants. The canal is lined with historical wooden ships. This is a great place for photos and people watching. Stop at any of the restaurants along the canal for a Danish pancake. You won’t regret it!

copenhagen nyhvn 4

copenhagen nyhvn 1

copenhagen nyhvn 3

copenhagen nyhvn 2

 4) Amalienborg

These four identical palaces are the winter homes for the Danish royal family. All the homes enclose a square and face an equestrian statue of Amalienborg’s founder King Fredrick V. Go on the hour to see the ceremonial changing of the guards.

copenhagen guard

 5) Kastellet

This is one of the best presereved star fortresses in Europe. It is an island in the shape of a star with a mote surrounding it. On the island are several beautiful buildings, including a church, old military barracks, and a windmill. If you want a beautiful and scenic walk, come to Kastellet. It has walking paths around the island that overlook parts of the city.

kastellet 3

copenhagen kastellet


copenhagen kasslette 2

 6) Halifax

Do you like burgers? Seriously… Go to Halifax. There are about 15 different choices of burger types, and they all looked amazing. If you are feeling adventurous, try the Liverpool burger, which includes bacon and a fried egg on top, or the Tokyo burger with citrus slaw and miso barbeque sauce. It is in a cool location, so sit on the patio and people watch!

copenhagen burger 2

 copenhagen burger

7) Sweet Treat

This tiny coffee shop was a successful find. We went here to escape the rain and ended up putting it in our Top 10 coffee shops! The service is great, and the drinks were all incredible. If you like strong coffee, order the Espresso Macchiato. If you want “Christmas in a cup,” get the Chai Latte. If you want to be extra awesome, order the Chai Latte and get a shot of espresso in it… So. Good.

copenhagen sweet treat 2 copenhagen sweet treat

sweet treat 5

copenhagen walking

Back to you! There are so many great sights in Copenhagen, it’s impossible to hit everything in 24 hours, so I listed a few of my highlights! What are your suggestions?




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