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August 7, 2014

Everyone knows the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

Well, we got a chance to visit 221B Baker Street ourselves–the most famous address in the world, apparently, and it is because of a fictional character that the world has come known to love.

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Destinations, England, Europe, Journal

People Watching

August 3, 2014

There is something fun about sitting on a bench and watching people go by. Dennis and I went to Regent’s Park to just walk around and people watch.

The park itself is huge and absolutely beautiful. There is an “outer circle” and “inner circle” that offer a variety in scenery such as rose gardens, water canals, paddle boats, canopies of trees, an open air theater, and even big soccer [or ultimate frisbee] fields.

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Destinations, England, Europe, Journal

Art Appreciation

August 2, 2014

I’m not much of an artist… I used to do a lot of crafting, which I suppose is an art form, but I have never really been a gifted painter or sketch artist. I don’t know much about identifying is a work of art is “good or bad” or what makes a “masterpiece” so magnificent.

I know I personally am drawn more to certain styles of art and have certain pieces that appeal more to my taste [in fact, I actually really like a lot of more modern styles], but whether or not that art is “good” according to true standards–I couldn’t tell ya.

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