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July 21, 2014

On our last night in Paris, we stayed at a different AirBnB spot. All of the other times we have rented AirBnB places, we have rented a whole apartment [without the owner living there], so that we could have free reign to use the kitchen and all that good stuff [which has really helped us save a lot of money by cooking in for the majority of our meals!].

However, this time, we rented only a private room within someone’s apartment. I can’t lie it was kind of a weird feeling at first to stay at a complete stranger’s house.

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Destinations, Europe, France, Journal

Breathtaking Beauty

July 19, 2014

Dennis and I had the pleasure of being in Paris on Bastille Day, the French National Day [basically the French 4th of July]. It was super cool because there were tons of activities throughout the city. We met a Parisian named Olivier, who was our AirBnB “landlord” per say. He told us that Bastille Day is technically only one day, but Parisians typically take the entire week off to celebrate.

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Destinations, Europe, France, Journal


July 9, 2014

Our first cup of coffee in Paris.

We walked for almost two hours from where we are staying to get to this coffee shop called Telescope.

We are staying a bit on the outskirts of Paris, but definitely not a two hour walk… We just couldn’t find where we were going because our phones weren’t getting signal! I didn’t mind the walk at all though, because we got a chance to really see the city for the first time.

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