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Rainy Days

July 25, 2014

Dennis and I spent a few hours in Venice, Italy before we took off for Germany. I was so pumped to experience the water canals winding through the classic and romantic city.

We took a train from Florence and when we arrived in Venice, a massive thunder storm rolled in. I’m talking hurricane winds, buckets of rain and an impressive thunder & lightening duo.

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Destinations, Europe, Italy, Journal

Italian Eats

July 24, 2014

Even though Dennis and I cooked most of our meals in the apartments we have rented while traveling, we had try a few Italian classics and treats. We have been here for a week, and I have a couple food highlights.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we have tried to save money by doing a lot of cooking, and then going out to just a couple meals in each spot. We then will then get coffee and some local treats [France we had to try the pastries and in Italy—obviously the gelato!].

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Destinations, Europe, Italy, Journal

A Pleasant Market

July 23, 2014

Florence has been PACKED with people this week. From what our AirBnB landlord said, all of the tourists have arrived, and it is the week before all of the local Italians leave for the summer. So… we get to meet all of them 🙂

This afternoon, Dennis and I walked the town one last time. We tried to push against the current of the amoeba-esqe crowds to get to a leather market that a few friends told us we have to visit.

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Destinations, Europe, Italy, Journal

Hidden Talents

July 22, 2014

Hello! I am writing to you from Florence, Italy.

Italy is incredibly beautiful and the food is DELISH [definitely not middle school cafeteria “Italian Dunkers.” Remember those?! I can’t lie though, I did get hot lunch whenever the school had them…].

We have had a great time exploring this city, because we have had some incredible recommendations from friends who have been here previously.

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