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Road Trip Across the USA

April 23, 2015

Dennis and I have road tripped from the East Coast to the West Coast, and have lived on both of those coasts AND smack dab in the middle of the Midwest.

Each place is awesome in different ways, but there are absolutely a few “must see” cities. What are those top cities to hit if you are road tripping across the US? I have made a list of four US Road Trips to get your juices flowin’ and hit the road!

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Best Coffee Shops in Newport Beach / Costa Mesa

April 19, 2015

The beach cities of Southern California are quite unique in that there are more green juice places per capita than coffee shops. [Not that I consulted with the city planner or anything… Just based on my observations].

Sure, you can find a major coffee chain every half-mile in Newport Beach, but when I want coffee; I want some really high-quality goods. Orange County has a bunch of excellent coffee shops, but for today, we will focus on Newport Beach and the neighboring Costa Mesa.

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The Other OC

June 4, 2014

Sorry there has been such a gap in posts–it has been quite a whirlwind! I have a few queued up, so they will likely be coming up shortly. Now…the post 🙂


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Concrete Jungle

May 26, 2014

Having been in New Jersey for the last few days, we couldn’t help but pop up to New York City for a quick trip. We went to visit our friends Isaiah and Christina, who recently relocated to New York from California. They moved to New York because Christina fell in love with the city at a young age and knew she wanted to live there someday–and moving there was fulfilling a lifelong dream!

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