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Concrete Jungle

May 26, 2014

Having been in New Jersey for the last few days, we couldn’t help but pop up to New York City for a quick trip. We went to visit our friends Isaiah and Christina, who recently relocated to New York from California. They moved to New York because Christina fell in love with the city at a young age and knew she wanted to live there someday–and moving there was fulfilling a lifelong dream!

It is always great to see the two of them, and it was so fun having them show us around the city. It truly is a unique and amazing place, unlike anywhere else  I have ever been. I have been to New York a handful of times for different things, but this time was especially unique because we didn’t do any of the tourist activities–we simply explored the city!

NYC Skyline

They have the most incredible apartment in Manhattan.  The picture above is the view from their balcony… no, I’m not kidding.  Enormous windows fill two of the four walls–it is just spectacular.

It was raining when we got there and we got to watch the thunderstorm that night with this view. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Among loud booms and bright flashes, a perfect and blinding lightning bolt flashed right by the Empire State Building–it was magnificent.

Earlier, we got soaked from rain blowing sideways under our umbrella–but getting to watch the storm from here made it more than worth it.

New Yorker

Isaiah took us to the Highline, a walking path that was created from an old above-ground train tracks. It was renovated into a modern walkway filled with gorgeous plants, flowers and unique sitting areas. I could have walked on there for days, or just sat and people-watched forever, but it started thundering and lightning, so we kept moving along.


Highline Bridge

Kels and Isaiah Highline

NYC is filled with great restaurants and coffee shops. I had steak frites with pesto butter, sushi, donuts, breakfast burrito, thai salad and lots of espresso–annnd they were all amazing. The first coffee shop we went to was called Culture. It was a little shop with a huge glittering chandelier, vintage/granny (whatever it is to you) wallpaper and dozens of “New Yorker” art pieces. It was an eclectic collection of decor, but it worked!

I would give the coffee shop a thumbs up, but the employees were especially rude. I know it’s New York, and the lifestyle is different there–but I said thank you for the coffee, and the girl said nothing. She just stared down at whatever she was doing–ignoring me. I knew she heard me, and I was annoyed with her, so I took a step closer to the bar and said THANK YOU! with exceptional exuberance… and there. was. silence.

I don’t understand that type of outlook on life, but different types of people make the world interesting, so that counts for something. I still hope she has a better day today though 🙂

Art at Culture

We got doughnuts from Doughnut Plant. They were incredible! We had peanut butter and strawberry jam, banana pecan and cinnamon sugar doughnuts. Amazing. However, the bathroom may have been the coolest part. It was tiled with small mirror panels and had a disco ball spinning, so there’s always a party in the bathroom.


Dennis’ dad had a few places that he wanted us to hit up while we were there. One of them was Katz Deli. It was made famous by the movie When Harry Met Sally. They make GIANT sandwiches and have an old school ticket system, where you pay with your ticket on the way out. Dennis got a Reuben, and I must say–sauerkraut is not my favorite thing. However, Dennis loved it and wolfed down the entire $18 of meat, bread and fermented cabbage.

We had to take a few pics for Kev–and Isaiah and Denny were obviously very excited to be there.

Katz Denny and Isaiah

Harry met Sally

Katz Line


For those of you who are fanatics of the show Friends, below, I got to snap a picture of the building where they “lived.” I wish we had had time to stop at the Central Perk to say hi to the gang.

Friends House

street 11

We saw this mural on Houston Street as we walked to Soho to find a lunch spot. It is called Bowery Mural, and is repainted about every month by a new artist. It was super cool graffiti, and it’s too bad that it will be painted over next month, but I’m sure the next mural will be just as great. It had a bunch of superhero comic words like “POW!” which was fitting because of Dennis’ current business project theme–it was meant to be 🙂

Bowery D and K

Graffiti K and C

Silly and random, but when I was scrolling through Instagram a couple hours later,  I came across the picture below. Whoever runs the Marc Jacobs account was apparently snapping a pic at the Bowery mural right around the same time we were there! Small world.

Graffiti Marc Jacobs

We had lunch on a patio in Soho and just relaxed after a few hours of walking and exploring. After lunch, Christina and I got City Bikes and rode back to her apartment–Dennis and Isaiah were party poops and took the subway back. The bikes were one of the highlights for me. We strolled through the streets of Soho to get to a bike path that took us along the Hudson river, and back to Manhattan. It was perfectly peaceful, which is something I absolutely did not expect from NYC. Well, it was peaceful until we ran into a giant horse a block before we got to the apartment. However, we successfully navigated around the enormous animal (I still have no clue why it was there), and made it back in one piece.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, below is Puppy, who is actually a kitty. He and his smaller kitty friend, Chewie, are the Christina’s beautiful babies. I’m not a cat person, but these two are awesome.


We loved getting to see our buddies, even though it was a short time. I feel like I got to see a more real side of NYC this time, and I loved it! I can’t wait to visit again–sooner than later!


xo Kelsey

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