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On the Move

May 20, 2014

It’s official.

We are all moved out of our first place!

Linnea Gardens has been an incredible place to live for the last three years. We will definitely miss it.


We had the greatest neighbors who loved Lily and gave her treats [on her own self-titled plate] every morning. Sometimes, I think Lils was more excited to see them than us. Understandably so, they are awesome!



Dennis spent some time with his family in California, and when he came back we spent about a week getting packed up. We took some packing breaks, and Dennis’ relaxation activity of choice was his new yo-yo. Apparently, he’s pretty good–and I had no idea. The first four years of marriage is a sham, since I didn’t know he was a yo-yo master… I feel like I don’t even know him…

Kidding…but for real–I can’t believe I didn’t know! 🙂

After packing, we had to start saying goodbye to friends and family in Minnesota. It was a bitter sweet period of time. Obviously, we are so excited about this adventure, but we are truly blessed having incredible people around us–and that makes the goodbyes tough.

We had a fun last couple of weeks getting together with friends–had a farewell party at our friend’s new house, and several smaller get-togethers. We will miss all of our friends, but it’s not goodbye–it’s “see you soon!”

Road Trip!

That brings us to road-trip time! We just finished the trek from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Ocean City, New Jersey.

It was about a 20 hour drive, but we split it up over three days. We stopped in Chicago and Pittsburg, which are both great cities.

First Stop: Chi-Town

We stayed in Chicago longer than we anticipated–it is such a cool place!

We got together with our friends Eric and Elyn when we first arrived in Chicago. We ate at a local Swedish restaurant called Tre Kroner. Dennis and I ordered enough food to feed Stockholm–and it was legit. We then walked around the North Park University Campus. We are connected to it through the Covenant church and we’ve had a bunch of family and friends attend there, so it was great to see their old stomping grounds. We had so much fun catching up with Eric and Elyn–we wish we could see them every day! They are genuine in every way and two of the kindest people on earth.





We then adventured to Wrigleyville, because Dennis’ dad L.O.V.E.S. the Cubs! They had just won their game that day, so it was fun to see people celebrate. We also saw a very intoxicated man try to fight a statue of Ernie Banks… He lost. It’s all a part of the experience… I guess?


We stayed in a hotel close to Wrigley field, and the next morning we wandered around the area only to discover that this neighborhood is one of the most dense areas in the U.S. for dogs! Lily felt right at home, and we probably saw 30 dogs being walked within two hours. We ran into another dachshund wearing a Cubs hat. Her name was Governor.


Later in the afternoon, we met up with our good friend from college, Tomislav and his wife Jessica. Tommy is from Serbia, but played soccer at Vanguard and dominated intramural basketball. He and Dennis became good friends at VU. Tommy’s blunt honesty is sometimes surprising, but more importantly, very refreshing! He’s a great person, and someone you always want choose for your team. It was so great catch up with them. Their neighbor came over to their apartment and hung out with us for a while–he and his wife did a similar trip to Dennis and I, so it was really fun hearing about their travels and tips.


We slept in Pittsburg and then took off in the morning. After endless hours of boring Ohio, we drove through Pennsylvania–and it was BEAUTIFUL. Rolling hills, bright green trees… It made the long last leg bearable. And finally, we arrived in Ocean City, New Jersey!

Jersey Shore

We made it! DJ Pauly D welcomed us with open arms and sick beats as we crossed the bridge into Ocean City. [Some of that is true]

Truthfully, Ocean City is an adorable island town. My parents live two blocks from the beach, so we went on a walk after dinner. It was a perfect 68 degrees as the sun was setting. We let Lily roam around a bit, as it was her first time at the ocean. She was fearless and went right up to the water–best day of her life.




We are excited to spend the next 10 days in Ocean City. We still have a few more things to do before taking off for Spain–finalize travel insurance, some random phone stuff, etc. We are feeling good about where we are at with everything though. Thus far, this has been a great time–we are pumped for what is to come!

I’m excited about some upcoming posts, including my packing list! Stay tuned for more soon 🙂

xo Kelsey


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