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Remembering Where It All Started

July 28, 2014

Dennis and I walked along the Main River in Frankfurt, Germany and had some good laughs and “aweeee” moments as we chatted about our college days when we met and were just friends.



He was telling me some stories about how he and my other friends would conspire to get he and I to finally date.

It’s always so funny hearing about the different scenarios from his perspective…


Like the time I was texting him on a way to a basketball game… I was in the women’s team’s van and he was in the men’s driving to an away game. Little did I know, I was texting with the ENTIRE men’s team, since he was reading all of my texts aloud to the whole van… I guess he had to run all of his words past the guys before he sent the to me… I mean, heaven forbid he use too many “smiley faces” or something.

…Or the time where our whole big group of friends went to a bonfire at the beach and everyone made sure to leave a spot open by me…just so Dennis could slide in and try to get in a few minutes talking to me…

…Or the time when my friend Paige and I played two-on-two with Dennis and his buddy Levi. I guarded Dennis, and I boxed him out [couldn’t give him a free rebound!], but then when I lingered just a little bit too long, and then he knew that I was somewhat into him [even though I also really wanted to win 🙂 ].




It was really fun just walking along the river and chatting about all of our memories from that chapter of life.

It’s amazing how many drastically different chapters we have gone through in the nearly six years that we have been together.

The chapter where it all began is definitely one of my favorites, and it gave me so much joy remembering some of the little details that made it so special.


It is always fun though reverting back to those first days, when everything was so “new.” We’ve had a lot of chapters already, and many more to come–and I’m really excited to see what adventures lie ahead!

xo Kelsey

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