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August 7, 2014

Everyone knows the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

Well, we got a chance to visit 221B Baker Street ourselves–the most famous address in the world, apparently, and it is because of a fictional character that the world has come known to love.


I must confess, I haven’t read the books [yet], but I have seen the movies and am obsessed with the BBC TV show.

Dennis and I have seen all of the episodes of the BBC show [and are currently re-watching them] and also have re-watched the movies with Robert Downey Jr. on plane rides in preparation for this museum visit.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a great Sherlock, but I have to say [if I had to] I would ultimately choose Benedict Cumberbatch for the role [Rob D. Jr. just plays such a perfect Tony Stark…and Benedict just adds a fun twist to the ever so famous high-functioning sociopath].

Anyway–we visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London, and it was great fun.

We tried to go three different times… The first two times the line was so long that the museum would have closed before we could make it to the front of the line! So, we decided to go super early before it opened and that worked like a charm!

The museum isn’t actually located at 221B Baker Street… It’s on Baker, but somewhere in the 230-240s. However, the museum somehow got the city to let them use the address 221B, so though technically it doesn’t make sense on a city-planning level, it is still 221B!




The museum was set up with vignettes about different famous cases. I recognized some of them, but I’m sure a more seasoned Sherlock fan would have caught a lot more of the little details. I know my dad would have loved every second!




I have mentioned before that I hate mannequins… When you walk on to the third floor of the museum, there are rooms filled with mannequins set up in different scenes from cases.

It was really fun to read about the different cases, but I couldn’t get over the fact that these life-sized dolls were staring right at me. Creepy.




We had a ton of fun in London venturing the different neighborhoods–we walked SO much. We feel like we got a good sense of the city and really got to experience it’s charm.

Though it was small, the Sherlock museum was one of my favorite parts. It’s pretty incredible that a character from a book now has his own museum…movies…TV show…pretty impressive line up for a fictional detective.

xo Kelsey


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