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Skara Adventures: Part II

September 13, 2014

We had the most wonderful last day overseas…the fun continued after our adventure in the woods.

We went over to our relative’s house for fika. Hillevi [Roland’s sister] and her husband hosted us for the afternoon. Their house is absolutely beautiful and we had a great time getting to know them and their family.

They had spent time with my parents when they visited 30 years ago, so it was a lot of fun getting to know the relatives that my parents had told me about for my whole life.



When my parents were about my age, they started a singing group called Heart Song. They traveled around both the US and Europe singing at different churches and venues.

My aunt, uncle and several of my parents really good friends were a part of the group. They were touring with Heart Song when they visited these same relatives in Sweden 30 years ago.

We were talking about the time that they all visited and Hillevi said, “I think I still have their albums!”

She ran to the back of the house and pulled two records off of her shelf.

Sure enough, my parents and their friends graced the cover of that Heart Song album.

I immediately burst into laughter.

Not because of the super 70s matching outfits [though, those are a treat! 🙂 ] but because I was in this house literally across the world, and a record my parents made was sitting on the shelf–for 30 years!

It was just a “wow, this world really is small” kind of moment–and I couldn’t help but laugh. [I really am wondering though about the random schnauzer dog on the cover… I’ll have to ask them about that 🙂 The puppets must have been part of a kid’s program!]



It was really cool to see in action how amazing my parents were at such a young age. I’ve always known that they did the music tour, but it was pretty neat to see their literal breadcrumb trail of records across the world.

They were so young, but they started something from scratch and turned it into something extremely successful. Pretty inspiring!

My Aunt Soni was in Heart Song and was famous for using her hands as a musical instrument. It’s absolutely incredible–she can fold her hands one over the other and blow in-between her thumbs and it makes this beautiful music that sounds like some sort of reeded instrument.

Roland told us all about how she taught him to “play his hands” and how he used to be very good at it! He whistled one of Heart Song’s tunes as he told us the story.




We had an incredible time getting to know everyone and felt so welcomed into their home.

On our drive back to Gothenburg, we stopped at the top of a huge hill that looks out over the entire city.

The sun was just setting as we reached the peak, and so we ran out to capture the gorgeous pink hues in the clouds.

I honestly have never seen anything quite like it. The clouds looked like they were completely surrounding us as they hovered over the city and their colors became more magnificent by the minute.




We could hear thunder rumbling, and knew that a storm was rolling in. We started seeing small flashes, which quickly turned into giant bolts of lightning.

The bolts darted through the puffy pink clouds, just far enough in the distance that I wasn’t completely freaking out, but close enough where we had front row seats.



It was quite a spectacular memory on our final day in Sweden, and last day overseas for the summer.

We are so thankful that we were able to experience each aspect of this trip. Though much of it was much more unglamorous than the idea of travel might seem, we had the time of our lives and wouldn’t change a thing.

Back to the USA for now…but that doesn’t mean the adventures have to end… right? 🙂

xo Kelsey


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